Scribblenauts has 11 Worlds, 10 Main Words and one Tutorial world, called the University. The Tutoral has 11 tutorial levels, while each Main World has 11 Action levels and 11 Puzzle levels.

That's 220 + 11 levels total, yo. Word.

World Name Cost
0 University Free
1 The Gardens Complete all University levels
2 Metro Ø 2000
3 The Peaks Ø 4000
4 Ancient Ø 8000
5 Shoreline Ø 10000
6 Outer Wild Ø 12000
7 Stunt Park Ø 16000
8 Frontier Ø 18000
9 Dark Hollow Ø 20000
10 Mish Mash Ø 25000

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