The University is the first set of levels in Scribblenauts and act as tutorials for all players. Eacn new profile must play through all of the tutorial levels first, before the user can start the game. The tutorial levels are extremely straight forward and designed to teach the user how to play Scribblenauts. However, no Ollars (Ø) or Merits are awarded for completing these levels.

All of the tutorials have very explicit Hints on how to pass the level. Once these levels are passed, the normal Challenge Mode map is opened and The Gardens becomes available to play.

All of the Tutorial levels are given the World number of 0.

Level Description
Tutorial 0-1 The basics of movement.
Tutorial 0-2 Interacting with objects.
Tutorial 0-3 Interacting with objects and using the Identify Mode.
Tutorial 0-4 Using Vehicles, Shooting and Swimming controls.
Tutorial 0-5 Using Glue and Rope.
Tutorial 0-6 Using the Notepad and creating objects!
Tutorial 0-7 Deleting objects and Throwing.
Tutorial 0-8 Performing multiple interactions and using Storage objects.
Tutorial 0-9 Our first Puzzle level.
Tutorial 0-10 Our first Action level.
Tutorial 0-11 A quick summary of the tutorials.

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