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Can turn humans into frogs.


Has a magic wand which shoots Green Magic, utnring the target into a frog. They will eat the frog.


Hag, Beldam


No need to buy that cheeseburger anymore...

A witch is a magical humanoid with the ability to perform magic and cast spells.

Witches use a wand to turn people into frogs. Frogs are the favorite food of witches, and they have no preference to whether the frogs were born frogs, or became frogs as a result of magic. Witches like to eat mice and eyeballs (Ew) and she will protect you if you are wearing the witch hat. She is a good friend to others witches and warlocks. She is also curious towards body parts and newts, pixie dust and cauldrons. She willl be killed if she touches either water or ice.

The witches' appearance is based on that of the Wicked Witch of the West, from " The Wizard of Oz." Its weakness to water is a reference to that.

It is available as an avatar at the store for 5,000 ollars.

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