Any tips and shortcuts for typing in objects in-game go here.

  • Scribblenauts frequently recognizes acronyms in place of typing the whole world which can save a whole lot of time: EBL instead of Exploding Barrel Launcher, DPSS instead of Diode-Pumped Solid State
  • When you enter multiple words, Scribblenauts essentially removes all the spaces and checks for an entry in its dictionary, and if it doesn't find anything, takes just the last word you entered and gives you the entry for that. You can get around this (and save time) by just not including spaces: Fishingrod works just as well as Fishing rod. Of course, if you do this with an adjectival phrase the game doesn't include, like, say, Bluetruck, you won't just get a regular truck using this method.
  • The spellchecker isn't Google-quality, but it's pretty great- if you make a mistake, just keep going and finish the word, then check the "Did you mean?" pop-up; it'll take less time than backspacing and retyping the word.
  • Hitting the recycle (arrows in a circle) icon multiple times will sort through your four most recently used items.
  • Objectnaut doesn't work well with plurals at all. Stick to singular forms even when it doesn't seem like it'd make a whole lot of sense, like bagpipe and pancake. However, sometimes it does use only the plural form of an object to disambiguate from objects that wouldn't normally be found in plural form. I know that didn't make a whole lot of sense, but try drum vs. drums.

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