the T-rex in real life

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Fighting, awesome mount




Trex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, T Rex, Albertosaurus, Tyrannosaurus


Yes, I am riding a flying T-Rex in space. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?

The T-Rex is probably the most well-known and widely used dinosaur.

The T-Rex is also epically strong. It can kill a ninja in one hit. It is hostile so you must use a taming method to be able to ride it. But once you do... man, you'll feel like a badass.

Even being the epic beast it is, the T-Rex is still dominated by stronger creatures, such as the Dragon and Vampire. Yes, Vampire...


  • When you write in Post Two One Seven a picture depicting Edison Yan's interpretation of Post 217 appears. The picture, corresponding to Edison's art, has a T-Rex; contrary to popular belief, Feep did not in fact ride a T-Rex.
  • Along with a variety of other hostile creatures, T-Rex can cause a glitch when you tame it, ride it, and then use a teleporter or time machine. The screen goes black and never returns. (emulator doesn't)
  • The T-Rex is capable of devouring the otherwise-invincible Longcat in a single greedy gulp.
  • Edy is a stronger version of the t-rex with some red accessories.
  • It can take two fireballs, which are nearly lethal.
  • There are three objects based off of this, they are robosaur, edy, and fossil (full)

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