The Store is a great place for buying avatars and music from the game. Say you really hate that smug smile on Maxwell's face? "I'd rather play as an alien! They don't look ridiculous!" Then you may want to use an avatar. Or do you think track 28 is really catchy? You're destined for the store!


Name Cost Avatar
Alien Ø 1000
Witch Ø 1000
Zombie Ø 1000
DJ Ø 2500
Pirate Ø 2500
Bride Ø 2500
Ninja Ø 5000
Robot Ø 5000
Shaman Ø 5000

Scribblenauts-after beat game


Song Cost
Track1 Ø 100
Track2 Ø 100
Track3 Ø 100
Track4 Ø 100
Track5 Ø 100
Track6 Ø 100
Track7 Ø 100
Track8 Ø 100
Track9 Ø 300
Song Cost
Track10 Ø 300
Track11 Ø 300
Track12 Ø 300
Track13 Ø 300
Track14 Ø 300
Track15 Ø 300
Track16 Ø 300
Track17 Ø 500
Track18 Ø 500
Track19 Ø 500
Song Cost
Track20 Ø 500
Track21 Ø 500
Track22 Ø 500
Track23 Ø 500
Track24 Ø 500
Track25 Ø 500
Track26 Ø 500
Track27 Ø 500
Track28 Ø 900
Track29 Ø 900
Song Cost
Track30 Ø 900
Track31 Ø 900
Track32 Ø 900
Track33 Ø 900
Track34 Ø 900
Track35 Ø 900
Track36 Ø 900
Track37 Ø 900
Track38 Ø 900

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