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water and electricity


Water shorts things out, lightning starts them again. Electrocution.


Electricity, Thunder, Thunderstorm

Lightning is electricity that travels from clouds to Earth.

Lightning consists of a raincloud, rain, and periodic bolts of lightning. The lightning is electricity, and can be used like any other form of electricity to revive corpses or to jump start a car.

Lightning can be dangerous. It can electrocute people and creatures and can start fires.

A lightning cloud can be destroyed by attaching a chain, wire, or cable to the bottom of the cloud, which will sel-destruct at the next lightning flash. The chain (etc.) falls down unharmed and can picked back up for re-use.

The combination of electricity and water has some unusual results. The electricity will start a fire, and the water will put out the fire. The water will short out electrical devices, and the lightning will start them up again.

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