Object Information


Giant Enemy Crab




Viscious and strong attacker


Very aggressive


Massive Damage

Spawns a Giant Enemy Crab, Form Hungry shark and Hungry shark evolution

Be sure to attack its weak point (at head) for Massive Damage. It will protect a normal crab, completely not leathal as watching the little crab. Silly sucker. Also, things that would tame enemies usually will not work. So the only way to make him friendly is to make him sick, or script him to protect or guard you. The Giant Enemy Crab is also a internet meme. It always attacks the player and other creatures/NPCs in Scribblenauts. It doesn't attack the player unless provoked (attacked by Maxwell) but attacks other creatures/NPCs in Super Scribblenauts. If you attack from a distance with projectiles you might be safe.

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