• Manbearpig- An anthropomorphic pig that will attack you unless you can make it happy using adjectives or food.
  • Troll- No, it's not the internet type. It's a large green monster that will, yet again, attack you unless you tame it or use an adjective.
  • Chi- An Asian dragon that does not attack. It's a large, friendly, green dragon that you can ride
  • Genie- It probably seems strange that the genie appears in the monsters section. The genie "grants" you three wishes and a fourth one. In the forth wish the genie drops a load of bombs all over your playground
  • Kappa- A vicious Japanese creature. The Kappa enjoys cucumbers.
  • Cthulu- My reaction was "I've seen enough Hentai to know where THIS is going" when I first saw it. Cthulu is an octopus,bat creature. It's anthropomorphic and it attacks ANYTHING.
  • Werewolf- Anthropomorphic wolf. Attacks anything and will turn back into a man if you put it near the sun or a crescent moon.
  • Jabberwock- Weird mutated flying dragon-like thing. It attacks everything and it flies!

That's just a small list of the creatures in this game! Anthropomorphic means "An animal that usually walks on four legs walking on two legs" I made the meaning simple for you. Hentai is well.... Just don't look it up!

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