Object Information




creature, NPC


vehicle, fighter, monster extermination (Sagittarius only)


fight when attacked




Believe you or not, the centaur won this fight.

A centaur is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the body of a horse.

Centaurs are friendly, and can be ridden while they are calm. They can use a weapon. They will fight if attacked, dropping its rider first. Centaurs are herbivores and eat hay and grass and many vegetables, so seem to have the horse's stomach. A braver and armed version is named Sagittarius, who fights monsters whenever he finds one. He will still run away for some reason. The only things that centaurs and men eat are fish food, dog food, chicken food, cat food, and seaweed (plant). They do not eat seaweed (food). They also eat poison ivy/oak and weed.

Consumes Hay, Grass, vegetables, dog food, fish food, chicken feed, cat food, seaweed (plant)
Special Mount, can use weapons

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