Scribblenauts contains a huge assortment of projectile weapons, for all your combat needs. Some of the pros and cons of each class are:


Handguns take up very little space and has a fair amount of ammo and can kill a man in three shots. Very useful if you're dealing with man like enemies. Examples: Gun, Revolver

Submachine Gun

Unfortunately don't act exactly like the real life counterparts- no automatic firing. Do a fair amount of damage and holds about three bullets. Useful if you want to kill a human or man-like creature.


O POOP! Dont leave me alone with anyone with a shotgun! They are POWERFUL!!!


Holds three bullets and is definitely the most useful of all the generic guns due to its large ammo and good, clean, strong shot.

Assault Rifle

Basically a rifle without the scope. A weaker bullet.

Heavy Weapons

Strongest weapons and normally score a one-hit kill. Typically only holds a single shot, though. Terrific for quickly killing a larger creature. Examples: Rocket launcher, Grenade launcher, Exploding Barrel Launcher

Energy Based

Many of these weapons are extremely powerful and have only a few shots. For most enemies, these can get you a one-hit kill. Examples: Raygun, DPSS, Proton

Ray Gun

Even though they sund bad but they are very good, for instence they kill a man in one hit.

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