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The 5th Cell development team being eaten by a black hole

Object Information


Black Hole




Clearing a stage of any and all items.


Sucks in Maxwell too.


Wormhole(destructive), black hole, nothing

Contrary to what physics (and common sense) teaches us, does not destroy the Earth when spawned. Just sucks anything it can towards itself. And destroys it. Has a rather large, but limited area of effect. Does not seem to affect buildings. Disappears in a few seconds. However, in SS, it will expand and cause an apocalypse after a few seconds. In conclusion: useful and fun. Unlike a nuke, can be survived if spawned carefully and/or far away and/or by placing it where solid ground is between it and Maxwell.

Chaining Maxwell to a building can stop him from getting sucked in.

Obtained by activating the Large Hadron Collider.

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