Level Information
World Metro


Difficulty 2stars
Par 3



Description of the level

As the hint suggests, you need to dig to find the Starite. It is in the crate directly below mine, at the very bottom. There are also a Rottweiler and Wasp in the level, along with the mine. The Rottweiler and Wasp are initially docile, the mine, however, is not.

Conveniently, there is a shovel on the ground, right before the rottweiler. However, the rottweiler will attack when you pick it up!

The other crates contain the following:

Horn Halfling Empty
Water Gun Wasp (hostile) Starite

There are also an assortment of other objects in this level:

Oddly enough, you can attack and destroy the ponytail palm tree without consiquence, so long as the beehive is left alone.

Possible solutions

Dead Dog Walking

  1. Attack and kill the rottweiler
  2. Grab the provided shovel
  3. Go towards the tree and dig down unto the crate with the starite in it.

Kinder to the Animals

  1. Spawn a digging tool of some sort.
  2. Go towards the tree and dig down unto the crate with the starite in it.

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